Empowerment vs.Defiance

empowermentEvalNumerous publications, books and blogs ( this one is very modestly contributing) are dealing with management and leadership concepts with more or less pertinent views to try to find the solution that will solve once forever the difficulty of these activities. Among all the existing concepts, the manager is eventually attracted to short cuts and may consider that his job is to mobilize a guy who fundamentally doesn’t give a sh.t and not to distribute tasks, control execution and fill in reports.

And this is exactly where the difficulty stands. How do you mobilize a person? How do you drive people to actually do things that will contribute to the organization objectives? What levers need to be triggered to obtain engagement?

One basic major lever is creating trust. Without trust you can’t obtain anything from an animal, a child or an adult. And guess what? The level of defiance especially in France where it is the highest out of 101 countries surveyed, indeed constitutes in many cases a real difficulty to overcome.

Therefore the question becomes, how can you create a level of trust among your employees that will permit individual engagement? One answer lies in the implementation of a learning environment or organization where empowerment of participants is developed. Ingredients for such an approach can be found in management models like the one developed in the automotive industry ,in Valeo for example.

It can be summarized in ten points which are the ten gifts of the leader to his/ her people:

  1. Give direction
  2. Give coherency
  3. Give cooperation
  4. Give competences
  5. Give information
  6. Give creativity
  7. Give conviviality
  8. Give opportunities for change
  9. Give compensation
  10. Give courage

Who wants to start then?

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