Is it bad to leave on vacation? It depends…

vacationI was recently reading an article about how to be a pro-vacation boss. The article was advocating taking true vacations as a way to better succeed in your professional life. I was quite thrilled by the idea. I went then reading the comments at the bottom of the article . Everyone was finding and expressing ways to keep in touch with work during vacation , and obviously ways to avoid appearing fleeing from responsibilities at work because it seemed bad to be on true vacation. The question became obvious to me. Why is it so difficult to disconnect when on vacation ? Why are everybody so afraid of taking a leave and showing distance from current duties? Everyone was advertising good rules of conduct to allow a smooth vacationing period and to leave without disrupting the company you worked for and your customers.
What is at stake here? My pick is the need to feel essential vs. expendable. The irrepressible need to continue to be there while on vacation. The incapacity to let go. Beyond this there is the need to feel important and to keep self-esteem. The fear to lose control and to lose recognition from your employer.
As a matter of fact it seems that all the bad management habits we have all year long become obvious when it’s time for vacation. Lack of delegation . Lack of trust to the team. Bad communication. Bad planning. Lack of internal cooperation. High control.
We are indeed  inflicting ourselves punishment when it would be possible to act differently.
So this summer take real vacation if you think you’re ready for it and you’ve perfectly prepared them. If not,  change your management style when you’ll be back from you’re so called vacation that are not really a break and prepare for next year to do a better job at managing your business and your teams.

Sounds like a good idea no ?

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