Coaching strategy: A must have for CHRO

This a fact, coaching is more and more used in corporations. Beyond this fact if you ask CEO and CHRO the reasons why they use this service, the answer is almost always the same. The choice to go for a coaching is very often to help a collaborator in difficulty and to remedy a lack of performance or inter-relation issues. Very seldom but progressing in the opinion, the answer will be that the coaching contract is there to help a career evolution at a critical time to make sure that the individual engaged in a career progression has all the elements in hand to succeed in his new endeavor.

Although this evolution is going in the right direction I never heard until now, except in very large international corporations, my interlocutor reflecting on the impact this individual coaching could have on the organization and its strategy. Thus money, sometimes in large quantity, can be engaged in a purely individual set of actions without connecting it to the company strategic deployment.

Nevertheless, a true coaching strategy could be a critical element of the organization development in a context where collective performance is more and more needed. The emerging use of collective intelligence friendly approaches allows this increased level of performance by introducing more responsibility, delegation, trust, open communication, mutual support, cooperation and information sharing among teams.

This is requiring beyond the implementation of up to date collaborative technologies, the development of collective values and behaviors as well as new observation and detachment capacities. These behavior modifications could greatly benefit to the implementation of a genuine coaching strategy tied to the company strategy and other existing programs. The Human Resources function would draw great advantage from taking the leadership of such a cultural transformation of the organization 

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