Being a leader in 2019 in a V.U.C.A world

2019 is looking like a difficult year to come. Geopolitical and economical instability is everywhere. Climate evolution is triggering deep changes in environmental regulations and policies that are impacting and questioning our development model with unpredictable effects like the social unrest in France that has been and is still poisoning the business atmosphere in theLire la suite « Being a leader in 2019 in a V.U.C.A world »

Réussir le changement permanent

Notre Monde, notre environnement, est en changement permanent et rapide. Cela signifie que chaque jour apporte son lot de nouvelles méthodes, outils et façons de faire et nous confronte à de nouveaux enjeux, à des univers inexplorés auxquels nous n’avions pas pensé et qui remettent en cause notre façon de voir les choses et nous obligentLire la suite « Réussir le changement permanent »

Entreprise: Attention fragile!

Une entreprise est une mécanique fragile. Son bon fonctionnement nécessite une constante attention et des réglages subtils entre les différentes composantes pour permettre une efficience maximum

Change is also about respect

Change is not quick enough How many times did I hear top management telling me that change was not taking place at the right pace, that change was not fast enough and needed to be accelerated, that there was resistance to change. Change management protocols have been designed and implemented in many occurrences with orLire la suite « Change is also about respect »

« Is it a revolt? No Your Majesty it’s a revolution »

Civilizations, organizations, people, are evolving through crisis not through breakdown. The distinction between crisis and breakdown could appear trivial. It’s not. A crisis is a change and a breakdown is not. Both of them are often brutally encountered without warning or preparation. Both need to be urgently addressed to avoid further unforeseen developments. Both are generatingLire la suite « « Is it a revolt? No Your Majesty it’s a revolution » »