The 10 successful leadership behaviors

leader(2)Management courses, books and articles are filled with advice and proposals about the « 10 successful leadership behaviors that bring success » and other recipes of the same kind. The idea here is certainly not to refute that there are indeed behaviors that are more appropriate than others, but to underline that these recommended behaviors are not in any circumstances, in any kind of situations, for everybody or any type of jobs, the appropriate behaviors to adopt. Is it for example better to act in an authoritarian manner or in a more flexible way? These two behaviors, like it or not, are valid and acceptable even if in our current environment and culture,  the tendency is to promote a more consensual type of approach rather than an authoritarian one.  These two behaviors have however both assets and liabilities that we’d better know. This is what we must keep in mind. Our behaviors bear consequences that can either be positive or negative depending on their adaptation to a given situation. In fact it could be more the excess or permanence of a behavioral trait that would be negative because it is unsuited to the situation. These unsuited behaviors are indeed ineffective and can harm our purpose. This is why it is important to develop an awareness of our core behavioral tendencies. Those that shape our image as a manager or a leader and are improving or not our impact and performance in the job. It is this self awareness together with a personal development program that will allow us to be successful in our role by adapting our leadership behaviors to each of the situation we are facing. Therefore, instead of copying these trendy  « 10 successful behaviors », develop yourself and chose your own tailored behaviors set.

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